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working on reel latley

2011-06-16 21:27:42 by taichi4743

Been busy just building a reel. so far i'm 1/3 done. I'm feeling positive about it. :D

new project

2010-03-07 06:31:45 by taichi4743

Working hard on a music video. So far, 1 months work translates into 15seconds D:

ah well, hopefully i get better from the failure it feels like it's becoming . but, I'm pretty sure I'm being negative. probably that. but, that's only because i want this to better than it is, and I'm already trying to do more than what is asked of me for the short movie project it's going to be.

the song will be trial by fire- by thoushaltnot

check to find the song. Really fun, fast paced beat.